New (old) title for my figure skating romance

My figure skating romance has a new (old) title! Misha and Dev’s story was originally two novellas published through Loose Id called Cold War and Holding the Edge. I later combined them into one volume to give you more bang for your buck. To avoid confusion, I called the book The Winning Edge.

However, Cold War is frankly just a much better title that conveys the hate-to-love vibe, and I’ve gone back to it. (So much for avoiding confusion!) This will be the final title for Dev and Misha’s full story, I promise. 😀

✅ Enemies to lovers
✅ Figure skating drama
✅ Secret relationship
✅ Light D/s

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  1. Hi Keira!

    Hope you’re well! All this Virus quarantining has been a bit more manageable wih your books and the “Kick at the Darkness” series definiely felt appropriate! Having re-read, I’m pining as ever for a third installment, is there still likely to be one?

    All the best to you and stay healthy!
    Tom – Big fan in London!
    P.s. No sign of Eric!

    1. Hi Tom! So nice to hear from you, and I hope you and your family are safe and well. Thank you for reading–and re-reading! I am definitely going to write the third book in the trilogy, and had planned to finish it this summer. At the moment, I honestly don’t know about going back to it while this pandemic is still going. I need total escape in my writing and reading at the moment, and Parker and Adam’s dystopian world is a little too close to home (even though it’s quite different,, thank goodness!). So I am going to write it, but can’t promise when it’ll be finished.

      Thanks again for your support, and stay well!


      P.S> LOL, keep an eye out for Eric! He just might make an appearance in the future…

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