Adventures in Amazon algorithms part three: erotic romance in the Christian category

I’ve previously posted here and here about the challenges of publishing gay Amish romance on Amazon without being put in the Christian/inspirational categories, even though I pointedly do not choose these categories or keywords.


Okay, it’s not that bad, but dealing with loopholes in Amazon’s system is an exercise in frustration for me and the service reps. After I uploadedĀ  A Way Home, the third book in my gay Amish romance series, earlier this week, I immediately emailed KDP support to have the Christian categories removed. As usual, they were very quick to reply, which is one of the great things about Amazon — they are very responsive.

image1(1) image2Wow! Could it be that easy? Could it?


More than a week later, I’m still rocking the Christian Books & Bibles category, inspirational romance, aaannnd gay erotica:


One of these things is not like the others. But it’s the others that don’t belong. Last time it took weeks for Amazon’s tech teams to be able to override the system. I feel bad having to bug them about this, but I hate having misleading categories on my books. Ah, the mysteries of Amazon. I shall continue to battle the beast…


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  1. My book Giving It Up For the Gods is still in listed as relegious. It’s hot sexy and erotic, and would give any old dear who buys thinking it’s relgious a heart attack.
    On the other hand,maybe they were teh target market of 50 Shades.

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