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Hello there! I hope you all had an amazing summer (or winter, depending on which hemisphere you’re in). Mine was very busy, and I’m delighted to say that I have a new book available!


You might be wondering if you missed some earlier news about this story, but nope, I kept this one on the downlow this summer, mostly because I was working so hard on it that I let blogging and promo and whatnot go on the backburner. I thought it would be fun to do a surprise release, and right now I feel pretty much like:

wake up

But Nico and Jake are ready for you, and I can’t wait for you to meet them. While you’re reading, I’ll be over here doing a little of this:



Reading the Signs
features light BDSM, a motherlode of emotional constipation, hurt/comfort, and lots of action on and off the field. Nico and Jake’s story was such a labor of love, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

This hot-headed rookie needs discipline—on and off the field.

Pitcher Nico Agresta is desperate to live up to his family’s baseball legacy. Since he was a teenager crushing on his big brother’s teammate, he’s known he can’t act on his desires. His father’s made it clear there should be no queers on the field, but if Nico can win Rookie of the Year like his dad and brother did, maybe he can prove he’s worthy after all.

At 34, veteran catcher Jake Fitzgerald just wants to finish out his contract and retire. His team doesn’t have a prayer of making the playoffs, but who needs the stress? Jake lost his passion for the game—and life—after driving away the man he loved, and he swore he’d never risk his heart again.

Then he’s traded to a team that wants a vet behind the plate to tame their new star pitcher. Jake is shocked to find the gangly kid he once knew has grown into a gorgeous young man. But tightly wound Nico’s having trouble controlling his temper in his quest for perfection, and Jake needs to teach him patience and restraint on the mound.

When their push and pull explodes into the bedroom, Nico and Jake will both learn how much they’ll risk for love.

This gay sports romance features men who have been repressing their feelings far too long, light BDSM, an age difference, sweaty locker rooms, and a happy ending.

Novel length: 86,000 words

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