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  1. Loved reading your short vampire story was well written if a little to short I wanted to learn more about the characters. Thanks for yelling their story

  2. Wow Keira, I just finished ” A Forbidden Rumspringa” and absolutely LOVED it. I can’t wait for the sequel. I learned so much about Amish life and fell in love with the Isaacs and David. I wasn’t sure how it was going to end until the final pages. Great book Keira !!!

    1. Hi Michael! Thank you very much for the amazing feedback. So glad you loved the book. I’m hard at work on the next part of Isaac and David’s journey. 🙂

      I really appreciate your comment. Thanks again!

  3. I just finished A Forbidden Rumspringa and just LOVED IT! Isaac & David are amazing. I eagerly awaiting the next book. Signed up for your newsletter, just discovered you as a author and do not want to miss ANY of your future books!

    1. Thanks so much, Tonya! That’s wonderful to hear. So glad you liked Isaac and David. I’m working hard on book #2!

      I actually just sent out the Sept newsletter this week, but you can read it here. Thanks again!

  4. Dear Keira
    I am a reader from Switzerland & heard about your book on Heidi Cullinan website… her comments intrigued me & I bought your book yesterday & just finished it! I cannot wait to read more about David and Isaac as well as Aaron! Now I have to read your other books as well 😉
    The Amish atmospher reminded me of “Witness” this great movie of the 80’s.
    Thank you very much… was unable to put it down… hopefully 2 of my 3 little ones where not @ home during lunch break (Here in Switzerland children come back for less than an hour before going back to school till 3pm) & we have McDonald not too far away 🙂
    Big hello from CH!!!

    1. Hi Coco!

      Great to meet you! I love Switzerland. I have fond memories of the Jungfrau. So gorgeous in your country!

      So glad to hear you enjoyed my book. Thank you very much. Heidi’s review definitely garnered some new readers, for which I am so grateful. Oh, and Aaron will feature heavily in the sequel, along with David and Isaac of course.

      I love Witness! A classic. Harrison Ford is beyond sexy in that one! 😀

      Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy my other books! Wonderful to meet you, Coco.

    1. Hi Julie! Definitely early February. Likely the 3rd, but don’t quote me on it yet. 😉

      And thank you — so glad you’re eager for more Isaac and David!

  5. Hello Ms. Andrews. I just finished the third book in the Amish series. I couldn’t put them down! I love Isaac and David so much, and thought all 3 books were very well written.

    I hope you extend the series at some point.

    Cheers! And we’ll done.

  6. I’m reading your first book in the series Kick at the Darkness, and I love it. I know there is a second book but please tell me that there is going to be a third. Lol I love your writing.

    1. Thank you so much, Briana! Thank you for the lovely feedback. And yes, there will be a third book for Parker and Adam, along with a fourth for a side character (Jacob). Thank you again! <3

  7. Bonjour!
    Je suis Vivian , malheureusement je ne parle pas l’anglais la raison pour l’aquelle je vous ecris en français, d’ailleurs j’ aime énormément vos romans et je l’ai tous lu,.
    J’aimerais vous poser une question au sujet de la trilogie “Amish” est-ce que le tome 3 sera traduit en français et quand?
    Je vous embrasse et vous dis à très bientôt

    1. Bonjour! I asked my French friend to help me with a response:

      Comment ça va ? Je vous remercie infiniment pour votre commentaire. Et je suis contente de savoir que mes écrits vous plaisent. Pour le tome 3 des amishs, il sera disponible bientôt. Je dirais dans les deux prochains mois. Merci pour votre message, j’apprécie énormément.

      Je vous embrasse aussi.

      Amicalement, Keira.

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