Love Match Excerpt

The only thing on Luke Rossovich’s mind is winning pro tennis tournaments. That is, until the day Jesse McAllister shows up in the locker room. Luke can’t get the young blond out of his head, and soon they team up on the doubles court. Before Luke knows it, he’s letting Jesse into his bed — and his heart.

Jesse doesn’t see why they have to hide who they are from the world, but Luke has been in the closet for years. He’s a household name with millions in endorsements to think about — no way is he going to admit to being gay. But as his secret relationship with Jesse deepens, the rules of the game Luke’s played so well suddenly seem to be changing…

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Read an excerpt from Love Match

They headed to the locker room, Jesse speeding ahead. Inside, he quickly opened his locker and shoved his stuff into his gym bag.

“You’re not showering?” Luke asked.

“No,” he replied, turning to go.

Luke blocked Jesse’s path. “Look, I just wanted –”

“To humiliate me?” Jesse lowered his voice and glanced around quickly. They were alone. “I don’t know what you’re trying to prove, so just leave me alone.”

“Jesse, I –”

“Look, I thought you were like me. I was wrong. Now just leave me alone.” He tried to brush past, but Luke grabbed his arm.

“I am. Like you.”

“What?” Confusion creased Jesse’s face. “Bullshit. You couldn’t shove me away fast enough.”

“Look, you were right. I’m gay,” Luke whispered.

“So then … oh. You just … don’t like me.” Jesse paled. “Right. Okay. I understand.” He started to walk away again.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Luke ground out as he dragged Jesse into the bathroom. He pushed him into a stall and closed the door behind them. For a long moment, they stared at each other, their tense bodies inches apart.

Then Luke grabbed Jesse’s head, tangling his fingers in his hair as he pulled him close. Jesse’s lips parted beneath his and Luke slid his tongue inside as they kissed each other, mouths hot and demanding. Jesse clutched him, his fingers digging into Luke’s back.

Luke moaned low in his throat. It had been so long. Too long.

When they were both gasping for air, Luke moved to Jesse’s neck, the salt of his sweat tangy on Luke’s tongue. His hands slid down to Jesse’s ass, grinding their growing cocks together.

Luke spun Jesse around and pressed him back against the stall door before he kissed him again, his tongue stroking Jesse’s. They rocked their hips together and Luke groaned when Jesse’s hands snaked up under his shirt, his fingernails scraping Luke’s skin, making him quiver.

Suddenly there was a bark of laughter from the locker room, and they both froze.

“If you think you’re going to beat me again next time, you’ve got another thing coming.”

“We’ll just see about that, pal!” The two men bantered back and forth for what seemed like forever until their voices faded into the shower room.

Luke and Jesse were still motionless, their bodies close, chests heaving.

“This is dangerous,” Luke muttered.

“Yeah,” Jesse agreed.

With effort, Luke stepped backwards, moving as far away as he could in the confines of the stall. “You go out first; I’ll wait a minute, just in case.”

Jesse nodded. Luke’s cock wasn’t going to go down anytime soon if he didn’t stop looking at Jesse’s red, wet lips and the flush in his cheeks. Jesse turned the latch and stepped towards him so the door could swing inwards.

“So, I guess you like me after all, huh?” He grinned, and kissed Luke quickly before he was gone.

Copyright © Keira Andrews

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