Kiss and Cry

  • Contemporary,
  • Sports

  • Tropes:
  • Enemies to Lovers,
  • Forced Proximity,
  • Grumpy/Sunshine,
  • Hurt/Comfort

  • Formats:
  • Ebook,
  • Audiobook,
  • Paperback

  • Release date: January 6, 2022

    Will figure skating enemies become lovers?

    Everything comes easily for Theo Sullivan, whether it’s jumps or figure skating world titles. Everyone loves him—judges, fans, coaches.

    I hate him.

    Now he’s invaded my training center, and I have to see him every day as we prepare for the Olympics. I’m going to win gold if it’s the last thing I do. I’m going to beat him.

    But the strangest thing is happening. I’m peeking under his happy-go-lucky exterior and discovering there’s more to Theo than I imagined.

    This is a mistake. I can’t trust him.

    I can’t be falling in love.

    My mom’s convinced training with Henry Sakaguchi will distract me heading into the Olympics. No way—Henry’s epically boring and cold. He might as well be carved from ice.

    But when I need help, he’s there. He tries to keep me at arm’s length, but it’s no use. He’s too kind. Too generous. He’s caring and gorgeous and hot, and I’ve never wanted anyone like this.

    I might want Henry more than a gold medal.

    Am I falling in love?

    Kiss and Cry by Keira Andrews is a steamy gay sports romance featuring grumpy/sunshine opposites attracting, a slow burn, secretly soft-hearted boys, hurt/comfort, and of course a happy ending.

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